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Department - Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
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The department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology has been functional since the inception of this college. The department was first headed by Dr. R.S. Prasad. Presently the department is running under Prof. Dr. Tulsi Mahto.


The department has been imparting not only medical education to MBBS and MD students but also to medico legal education to medical officers of Jharkhand and legal fraternities such as honorable judges, learned public prosecutors and law students.


Undergraduate- Regular lecture classes are held for UGs. Experimental teaching is done via natural specimens, models, case photographs & live postmortem examination demonstration.

Postgraduate- PGs take active participation in UG teaching, Postmortem examination & seminars etc.


Postmortem examination is conducted seven days a week. On necessity & requisition services are provided on round the clock basis. The dept. is performing & solving complicated referred cases of different profiles of the entire state and adjoining states.


Efforts are being made to develop the department as an advanced medico-legal center at par with the higher centers across the country. The dept. requires strengthening in terms of DNA fingerprinting & toxicological laboratory with accreditation by state at par with CFSL, New Delhi.


Postmortem examination 2829
Bone examination 14
Age examination 18


Photo Name Designation Date of joining View Profile
Dr. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Professor & HODNot Available
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Dr. Bhoopendra Singh Professor (Toxicologist)Not Available
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Dr. Sanjay Kumar Associate ProfessorNot Available
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Dr. Sawan Mundri Assistant ProfessorNot Available
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Dr. Manoj Kumar Korah Medical OfficerNot Available
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Students are assessed on the basis of their daily performances, practical, viva, periodic tests & mock tests as per rules laid by the MCI.


PGs are assessed by their daily performance & attendance, seminars, presentations & discussions on recent advancements are done on a regular basis.


For Students-

There is well-equipped experimental laboratory along with an autopsy demonstration hall and a lecture theatre which provide an excellent environment for learning. For the delivery of a better illustration of the forensic medicine, the department has a Museum, Seminar room, Departmental & Research laboratory along with a Closed & Open Mortuary.

For Patients-

Age estimation is carried out here and the patients are assisted in medico-legalwork such as sample collection for DNA profiling etc.

For Attendants-

There is a Prayer hall. The department issues different types of certificates for helping them in socio-legal & administrative matters.



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