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Department - Microbiology
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The present department of Microbiology was established in the year of 1983 under the headship of Padma Shri, Prof. (Dr) S.P.Mukherjee. It was created by craving out the different sections, Bacteriology, Parasitology, Virology, Mycology, and Immunology from the department of Pathology. The Department was subsequently headed by Prof. (Dr) L.B.Pandey, Prof. (Dr) N.P.Sahu, Prof. (Dr) A.K.Agarwal and is presently running under Prof. (Dr) Manoj Kumar. The department runs in the second floor of the college building. Till date, more than 50 students have completed MD degree from this department and is a matter of pride that the pass outs are doing well in different parts of India. The Department through its dedicated faculty has been actively engaged in postgraduate teachings and under graduate (MBBS, BDS and paramedical students). The postgraduates are put under rotatory training in different sections of the Department. In the year 2001, the first VCTC (ICTC) center of Jharkhand state was established in the department. In 2008-09 the department started the 1st State Reference Laboratory (SRL) of Jharkhand. In 2011- 12, Viral Research Diagnostic Laboratory (VRDL) was initiated in collaboration with ICMR, which is now highly equipped with wide range of ELISA, chemiluminescence, as well as Real Time PCR. The VRDL lab is well known for detecting a vast range of viral diseases. The department is well equipped with automation like BD BACTEC for rapid blood culture, BD-PHOENIX for rapid I.D. and AST for bacteria, MGIT and CB-NAAT for Mycobacteria and thus, is serving as a tertiary care institute. We have, nationally as well as internationally, shared our knowledge on the outbreak causing infectious diseases, prevalent in our regions like anthrax. In the past, time again, the department organized training programs by IQLS (Integrated Quality Laboratory Services) in collaboration with CDC (Centre for Disease Control) for benefitting the PGs, staff as well as faculty members. We are moving forward with better knowledge of safety measures and better laboratory practices. The ultimate plan is to replace "Microbiology" by "Clinical Microbiology".


To develop and establish

1. Biomedical waste disposal system.

2. Hospital infection control system.


Photo Name Designation Date of joining View Profile
Dr. Manoj Kumar Professor29 Jan ,2007
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Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma HOD & Associate Professor29 Oct ,2012
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Dr. Manju Boipoi Assistant Professor12 Nov ,2018
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Dr. Abhay Kumar Assistant ProfessorNot Available
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Assessment of UG and PG students is done on the basis of the criteria fixed by the MCI & RU which are

  • Undergraduate students should have an attendance of 75%.

  • Performance in periodical/terminal examination incl. practical/viva and day to day assessment with their day to day work record book.

  • P.G. students are assessed by their day to day work and thereby assessment in different sections of the department.

  • Presentation in seminars and thesis work along with log book maintenance.


For MBBS and BDS students (UG):

1. The department follows the curriculum laid down by MCI and DCI and R.U.

2. Regular lectures, tutorials & practical classes with demonstration of slides, media & instruments are a part of teaching curriculum.

3.The interaction between the teacher and students is increased by arranging group discussions & seminars.

4. There is a lecture theater with projector system & a separate seminar hall.

For students (PG):

1. One to one teaching by teachers to PG students by arranging seminars, lab teaching, PG exercises, journal clubs and group discussions

2. Each PG student is exposed to all the sections of the department in rotation in different sections at an interval of one month.

3. Teaching and training to UG students by PG students.

4. Workshops, conferences and CMES are organized.

For paramedical students:

Rotatory training is imparted to all paramedical students in different sections of Microbiology Department

Common Facilities

A departmental library and a museum consisting of specimens, models and charts.


List of Investigations


Outbreak Investigations

  • Anthrax outbreak in Kuchchudega village of Simdega district in 2012-16

  • In August 2018 Chikungunya outbreak at Hindpiri, Ranchi

  • Chicken pox/ Varicella zoster outbreak in different districts of Jharkhand

  • Dengue & JE outbreak in different district of Jharkhand

Project Studies With DHR

  • Molecular monitoring of Dengue & Chikungunya viruses circulating across the country for changes in serotypes, genotypes and lineages

  • Influenza Surveillance study

Reference Centre

  • WHO reference lab For Measles and Rubella elimination program

  • Conducted the 41st National Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists, 2017 (MICROCON 2017)

  • Conducted the 1st State Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists, 2018 (Bihar- Jharkhand Chapter BJ-MICROCON 2018)

On Going Projects

  • VRDL- Department of Health Research (with Human Resources)

  • NVHCP - NCDC, New Delhi (with Human resources)

  • NVCDP – NCDC , New Delhi (with Human resources)


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