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Department - Neurosurgery
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The Neurosurgery department is the only government neurological centre in the state of Jharkhand. It was started by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. R. Prasad in Sadar hospital in 1960 and the department of Neurosurgery was established in RMCH in 1967.Dr. Prasad was one of the first to start Neurosurgery in Eastern India. His book on Neuroanatomy is a fine literature still loved by students around the world .During those days Dr. N. P. Sinha was also a senior faculty and his contribution in taking the department ahead is exemplary .In 1976 Dr. H. P. Narayan took over as the head of the department and in his regime the foirst head neck CT Scan was installed there was an isotope scanner. Also, air encephalogram was religiously used in the pre- CT era .There was also an of Bihar. Dr. Narayan was instrumental in procuring an operating microscope and ventilators for Neuro OT. He had a long tenure as heard and retired in 1964 when Dr. B.K. Singh took over who was later succeeded by Dr. C. B. Sinha after the retirement in 2005.

During 2004- 2006 a special up gradation programme for neurosurgery made the wards centrally air conditioned a better microscope,an ultrasonic aspirator,an electric drill and many other instruments. Dr. Anil Kumar took over as the head of the department in 2006 .During his tenure , the newly built Neuro ICU started to function in 2006 and the Neuro twin OT started functioning in 2007 . Around the same time two high-end advanced anesthesia workstations were bought for the OT and an ETO sterilizer was installed in the department. In 2009 a plazma sterilizer was installed in the Neuro OT Complex .In 2008 the ICU was upgraded with high end multipara monitors and a C-arm was bought for the department . In 2011 World Class Zeiss Pentaro 900 was installed and Kasi Storz Endoscopy set was procured . The OT was further upgraded with diathermy,electric drills and microsurgical instruments. In 2012 NICU ventilators for adult and pediatric patients were bought .This has helped in improving the post-operative management of neurosurgical patients .With consistent efforts the Neuro OT is further going to get upgraded into a modular operating theater.

The M.Ch Neurosurgery course was started in 1980 and the department has produced 23 Neurosurgeons over the years.


The Department of Neurosurgery presently has 110 functioning beds of which 20 beds make the ICU and semi ICU . The intensive care unit of the department has high end monitors with every bed, 10 ventilators,ABG machine and a central monitoring system. Thirty three beds make the observation ward whereas rest form the general ward.

A strict academic schedule is followed and attended by all the faculty and post-graduate students. The schedule consists of a seminar , case presentation and a journal club meeting,all on a weekly basis .The Post-graduate students attend other basic science classes by faculties of respective departments as per the yearly roster.

The Neurosurgery Operation theatre is equipped with the world’s best Operating Microscope Zeiss Pentaro 900 .It has one another microscope and two high end endoscopes .The OT has two operating rooms with modern neurosurgical operating tables .


A modular Operation theater is already under way. A mobile CT scan is also being planned for. There are plans to start vascular neurosurgery as well . Plan for procuring Neuronavigation system and stereotactic system.


In 2015 total 25260 patients attended in Neuro OPD. More than 85 patients were admitted in Neurosurgery out of which about 1500 patients were operated .More than 100 brain tumor and more than 20 spinal tumor patients were operated. More then 700 patients operated were neurotrauma cases. There are variety of other Neurosurgical cases operated during this period.

Indoor morning and evening rounds are conducted everyday . Post graduate students works in both unit.


Weekly seminars are organized and post graduate students make power point presentations on pre-decided topics before the whole department . Similarly students make weekly clinical presentations on patients and discuss new advances in journal club meetings . A students seminar and discussion is separately carried out by students alone where the senior post-graduate students teach juniors. A monthly CME program organized where a predefined topic of interest is discussed at length .The faculty and residence attend national and international conferences to present their work.


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For Students-

Teaching module and schedules for academic meetings are followed through a strict roster.There is a departmental library with more than 150 books on Neurosurgery and reated fields .Teaching classes are arranged for undergraduate students on basics of neurosurgical diseases.

Weekly academic schedule for postgraduate students adhered to. Case presentation (Clinical),seminars,ward teaching,journal club meetings are organized. The PG students are encouraged to publish articles in national and international journals . The students choose their research topics and are encouraged to present their work in national conferences. They are also proposed that the students be sent to other institutes for elective rotations in the Department of Neurosurgery for a couple of months for belief exposure to neurosurgical techniques.

For Patients-

The department has well equipped neurosurgical ICU, two operating rooms with high end instruments and equipments comparable to the finest neurosurgical centers in the world. There is a departmental pathology and biochemistry laboratory. It is the only government neurosurgical center in Bihar/Jharkhand with facility for neuroendoscopy.There is also a portable X-Ray machine.



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