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The process of creation of an institute in itself is remarkable! Minds working to execute plans and overcome impediments has been amply exemplified in the making of Dental Institute at RIMS in Ranchi, which is the first such institution of Govt. of Jharkhand and 32nd in the public sector (Pan-India) that has been established with aim of (i) providing affordable and reliable tertiary dental care services; (ii) quality dental education, and (iii) oral health research.

Foundation of Dental Institute was envisaged under the RIMS Act of 2002 and the building construction started in year 2007, which was subsequently inaugurated in 2014.

Approval for starting BDS program was granted by the Dental Council of India in the year 2017 and the first batch of 50 students were admitted in the same year. A lot of effort has been put into locating, appointing and retaining talented faculty as it is the faculty that makes an institute great by providing trained dental and paradental manpower for the region. The faculty is working relentlessly to establish their departments and establish a model work culture, which they aspire for. As on date, all nine specialty departments of dentistry have been established in the institute. Teaching in preclinical subjects and hospital based training is being shared with the medical faculty of RIMS. A Rural and Urban Health Centre along with mobile dental clinic has been started to spread the coverage of Dental care provided by the institute and tele-dentistry centre is being planned for near future. The institute also innovates with new teaching methods, including paradental training. Departmental Procurement Committee has recently been formed to facilitate purchase for all specialty departments of dentistry and e-tender policy is followed for maximum transparency and efficiency. Emphasis on good work culture and courteous, patient friendly behavior from all levels of staff is promoted by the administration. Student activities in performing arts and social work is also a priority for the institute and they are encouraged to share festivals and sports events, hostels and mess with their medical counterparts.

Medical records will soon be computerized, including x-rays and other investigations. BDS teaching is being directed to lay emphasis on family practice, ethics and behavior, improving verbal and written communication and building self-pride in becoming an India-specific dentist. A department of Continuing Dental Education is in the pipeline to facilitate all round upgradation and provide an opportunity to work in close proximity of rich clinical material. While we are still a fledging institute, at this juncture it will be fitting to quote “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” - John Keats.